How To Check Server Hosting With Whois Lookup
Published: 16 Sep, 2023


Follow these methods to check server hosting details using WHOIS lookup:

1. Launch a web browser and navigate to a reliable WHOIS lookup provider or registrar website. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), GoDaddy, and are other common possibilities.

2. Find the search or lookup box on the homepage or WHOIS-specific page of the website. It is commonly referred to as "WHOIS lookup" or "Check WHOIS."

3. In the search box, type in the domain name of the server you want to inspect. Include the top-level domain (TLD) extension, such,.org,.net, and so on.

4. To begin the search, click the "Search" or "Lookup" option.

5. The WHOIS lookup service will retrieve and display the domain's pertinent information, such as the domain owner's data, registration dates, name servers, and, in some cases, the hosting provider.

6. In the WHOIS results, look for the "Name Servers" or "DNS" column. It usually includes a list of the domain's primary and secondary name servers.

7. Take note of the listed name servers. They frequently indicate the domain's hosting provider. It is crucial to note, however, that this information is not always exact or complete. Name servers may be generic or not directly affiliated with the hosting provider in some circumstances.

8. A reverse IP lookup can be used to obtain more particular hosting information. Several internet programs allow you to enter an IP address (found through a WHOIS query) and find the hosting provider connected with that IP address.

Using WHOIS lookup, you can collect information on the hosting provider associated with a domain by following these steps. Keep in mind that the information obtained from a WHOIS lookup may not always be correct or up to date. Additional investigation or the use of specialized hosting lookup tools may be required in some circumstances to obtain more accurate hosting information.